1. Well the latest NAM/WRF has come in a tad bit wetter this run with .06″ of precip…the avg between 5 computer model runs puts out .06″ so 1″ of snow seems like a good call right? Well maybe not…latest RPM model is suggesting perhaps 4″ snows just around the   I70 corridor!?!…question is do I buy it?…Well the NAM and the RPM have upped numbers quite a bit last run for a band of heavy snow to develop from Terre Haute to Greenfield…its an interesting solution…raises questions on how much snow and where it will fall…If we go with that model and it doesn’t fall people will be frustrated and if we don’t go with it and the snow does fall people will be frustrated… wanna be a Meteorologist yet? lol!

NAM .06″

EURO .03″

GFS .08″

With this information it tells me up to 1″ maybe 1.5″ of snow in some spots….Iam going to go with my gut on this and say a 1-2″ snowfall across central IND…here is my latest map along with the crazy latest RPM snowfall map we shall see who prevails…?

2. Next system still raises allot of questions will know much more tomorrow but as of right now some light ice accumulations and perhaps a small coating of snow on top of that nothing major at this point…but things as we know with this pattern will change!! Stay tuned! M.

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