BAM Chase Team is made up of 3 members Bryan, Amanda and Michael. We all love the thrill of going out and finding the perfect storm and presenting the most accurate forecast possible!. We are a stream provider for SevereStudios.

Bryan holds an Associates of applied sciences in computer networking systems, and a Bachelors of science in information systems security. Bryan works on security systems, fire alarms and handles IT related issues with his company. Bryan is also a licensed amateur radio operator and certified skywarn storm spotter. He is the driver for the chase team and handles all the equipment and stream portions of the chase and website. Bryan makes all the data and equipment communicate and work efficiently! In his free time you’ll find him on the roof in our skycam view tweaking our equipment in 50mph winds. Bryan enjoys watching the Colts and a good hockey game! (Red Wings)!

Amanda attended the University of Indianapolis while there she studied biology and psychology, she then attended cosmetology school and is now a licensed cosmetologist. She manages a local hair salon, Amanda is also a certified skywarn storm spotter and has also been first aid/cpr certified. Amanda keeps us looking fresh, she is in charge of all photography and social media posts during chases. She also is our financial advisor and handles all logo designs. In Amanda’s free time she enjoys knitting and a nice mother daughter day. Bryan and Amanda have been married for 3 years and have 3 dogs and 2 cats!

*Michael is now a FULL TIME BAM employee and works around the clock keeping the website updated with the latest weather forecasts* Michael currently attends Mississippi State University and studies Broadcast Meteorology and is in the process of obtaining his Bachelors of science in Meteorology. Michael has been studying the weather and recording storms since in the 3rd grade his closet was a weather station all through school. He also is a certified skywarn storm spotter, Michael trained under Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes at FOX59 Indianapolis for 2 years, Brain was trained by the legendary Tom Skilling from WGN! Michael is in charge of the forecasting and weather prediction he also navigates the vehicle and strategically places us in the optimal position of the storm for the best photos and video. Michael believes in analyzing ALL data possible in order to make the most accurate forecast possible while also using the secret Skilling/Wilkes forecast formula! In Michael’s free time he enjoys updating facebook and twitter on local weather forecasts and major pattern changes. He enjoys the gym, basketball and watching football!

Our mission is to do the best we can to inform people of possible weather situations in their area. Also to gather video and photos of storms and/or the damage they may cause to help better understand how storms and tornadoes develop.  We also will post local weather forecasts and major pattern changes throughout the country. We will blog about the weather and give our input.

If anyone is interested in any of our photos or videos AND or weather consulting for personal/commercial accounts email us today!


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